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Glasses VS Contacts

Glasses VS Contacts

Han Bella |

Which are better for contact lenses and frame glasses? Many people are afraid that wearing frame glasses for a long time can cause weight on their noses, so they choose contact lenses. Some people choose contact lenses for beauty, but those with contacts find that wearing contacts is not as good as imagined, because their eyes are prone to dryness and other symptoms. 



√ Wearing glasses can cause less risk for eye dryness and other symptoms.
√ Eyeglasses are more economical because they don’t need be replaced frequently.
√ Frames can help to shape your personality and make a stylish fashion statement.
√ Glasses require less maintenance and they are easy to put on and take off.
√ Some people don’t like the way they look with glasses or find them uncomfortable to wear.
× Since eyeglasses sit away from your eyes, your peripheral vision can be compromised.

× If you have a strong prescription, your lenses may be thick and unappealing or make your eyes appear larger or smaller than normal



√ Contacts sit directly on your eye, providing better peripheral vision.
√ Contact lenses won’t get in the way when you’re playing sports and won’t fog up in the cold.
√ Color contact lenses let you experiment with different eye colors.
√ Contact won’t ever clash with what you’re wearing.
× Contact lenses require regular cleaning to help avoid eye infections. (Tip: If you can’t commit to proper lens care, consider daily disposables.)
× Contacts may be difficult for some people to insert and remove from their eye.
× Contacts can contribute to red eyes and dryness. If you work at a computer, contact lenses may cause symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Each has its own benefits, no absolute good or bad. We recommend that you use the frame glasses and contact lenses alternately, so that the two can complement each other and keep the eyes in good condition for a long time.